[Project_owners] remove RDF sequence with no parent?

Eric H. Jung grimholtz at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 16 20:01:51 EST 2006


Is there any way to remove an RDF sequence which has no parent? This is
what I use to remove an RDF container which has a parent:

var arcsIn = datasource.ArcLabelsIn(container);
while (arcsIn.hasMoreElements()) {
  var arc = arcsIn.getNext();
  if (rdfContainerUtils.IsOrdinalProperty(arc)) {
    var parentRes = datasource.GetSource(arc, container, true);
    var parentResContainer =
      rdfContainerUtils.MakeSeq(datasource, parentRes);
    parentResContainer.RemoveElement(container, true);

Thank you in advance for any advice,
Eric Jung

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