[Project_owners] How-to fix memory leak issue

Adam Judson adamsplugins at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 21:13:36 EST 2006

On 16/01/06, Didier Ernotte <didier at ernotte.com> wrote:
> If I start FF and I look at the memory associated with the firefox
> process few hours later, even without doing activity in FF (just the
> extension activity), the memory is better bigger and bigger.

In general, without good tools, debugging memory leaks is hard.

Some things to look for:
- unclosed streams or other system resources (window objects?) that may stop
garbage collection
- legitimate memory growth - e.g. a growing collection of object
- cache growth - is your application accessing resource that may be cached

otherwise, the only reliable method I've found (not in Firefox specifically)

1. run app
2. test for leak
3. if leak then comment out some code and goto 1.

repeat until the leak is gone.

Also, as Brian said, I don't think you can count on
- FireFox not having memory leaks
- FireFox not legitimately using more memory over time


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