[Project_owners] custom <tree/> issues

Todd Long longfocus at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 13:45:00 EST 2006


I am using a <tree/> element and was wondering if it is possible to have the
<treecell> elements contain mixed elements? Perhaps this could be done
through binding? For example:

    <label value="Go here:" />
    <label value="www.somesite.com" class="text-link" />
    <textbox />

I can do this with a <listbox/> but when I have a lot of rows (like 200) the
scrolling gets delayed. Maybe there is a way to improve performance when
scrolling with a listbox (like disabling certain features)? I'm really
looking for a solution where I can have column headers (don't necessarily
need to be resizable). Any help would be great!

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