[Project_owners] Re: Mailman prefs

Charles Caygill mycroft at ccaygill.com
Mon Jan 16 17:51:50 EST 2006

Maybe I'm trying to solve the wrong problem...

At the moment, the best solution for me would be for all the individual
posts to be default and the 'global' setting as defer...
If all of the messages are spam I just shift the global to discard, if there
are some that warrant attention then I mark them defer first and discard all
the rest.

The most frequent non-spam messages are from notes at mozdev.org... which I
would just add to a sender filter for approve except that they always seem
to come through in duplicate - is this a known bug or have I got an error
somewhere? Possibly more interesting... why do I get spam to look at anyway
given that generic_nonmember_action is set to discard? I don't think I'd
have to do much moderation at all if these two issues have solutions.

I'm not too worried about the default being discard - I'll just have to be
more careful... I tend to think that as with capital punishment it's better
to let the guilty spam go than execute an innocent person (please excuse
political comparison ;-) )

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