[Project_owners] The WebPanels sidebar and back/forward/history

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 11:18:57 EST 2006


Thanks to this newsgroup, I've managed to get the context menu working of my
port of the web-panels sidebar to Seamonkey. Now it's time to get the
non-working menu items to actually do something.

Currently the back/forward menu items affect the main browser window, not
the sidebar content. It looks like I may have to initialize history and set
up a history listener. Any ideas on what is the minimum that is needed? I
don't want to have to implement everything in navigator.js->Startup().

Also getBrowser() is hard coded to look for the main windows tabbrowser id.
How do I generalize this to e.g. getThisBrowser() without having to resort
to hard coding it to the id of the web panels browser? It might be useful
for other extension authors who are using <browser> elements in their

Thanks for any info about these problems.

By the way <http://xsidebar.mozdev.org> now has a handful of Firefox sidebar
extensions modded to work with Seamonkey. For the simpler extensions this
was trivially easy. I'm really surprised that not more extension authors are
making their extensions seamonkey compatible.

For extension authors I would recomend the DevBoi sidebar off-line edition
as it has standards documentation for CSS, HTML, DOM, and XUL. Not to
mention the XULPlanet's XUL tutorial.

Philip Chee <philip at aleytys.pc.my>, <philip.chee at gmail.com>
http://flashblock.mozdev.org/ http://xsidebar.mozdev.org
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