[Project_owners] The extension approval list is private. Why!?

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Fri Jan 13 10:28:52 EST 2006

>>> I don't have access, even after I login with my developer's account.
>>> Anyone happen to know WHY this list is private? That's not really in
>>> the spirit of open-source, is it? It makes me wonder how my friend was
>>> able to gain access but not me? I don't want to change the queue (or
>>> bag, as Aaron more accurately called it), just view it.

A while back I done a little work on the AMO site. The process for 
getting a 'reviewer' account was simply logging onto IRC and asking for 
one. They were so short staffed for that kind of help there was little 
interview process :)

There was chatter for a while of free t-shirts being provided for a 
review fest back then, just to try to get the queue down.

Not sure if things have changed, I've been a little out of it of late.

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