[Project_owners] Mozilla.org extension approval time

Roman Mironenko roman_mir at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 9 15:13:42 EST 2006

I have my extensions at mozdev.org (for almost a year now) for a reason, 
anyone can go and check the code out, anyone can update from there.  But 
obviously mozilla.org is more popular with users, so I listed extensions 
with them for more access.  All I am saying is that if I wanted to do some 
damage with my code, I wouldn't register with any oss site, I would develop 
a few extensions at home, would submit them to mozilla.org from different 
anonymous IP addresses under fake names, fake email accounts.  The 
extensions would complement each other in their viral functionality but 
would look harmless seperate from each other.  That is what I would do if I 
wanted to attack someone's machine, not discuss better upgrade strategies on 
this mailing list.

What I am going to do is give the end user a choice to upgrade from 
mozdev.org, make it a clear choice and let the user to select whether he 
wants this choice or not through the settings menu.

I am sure more people are going to do the same and soon if mozilla.org site 
will not be able to run approval processes faster.

>I used to agree with this.  In fact I still might.
>as an extension developer who's not in the top five, my releases fall
>into two categories
>- major functionality changes
>- EQF's to deal with problems in the above changes
>It would be nice, and probably more responsible of me, to release
>alpha's and beta's of
>major changes, and that was my original intention.  Turns out that
>doesn't fit my work
>when the kids are asleep development cycle.  Also with only a few thousand 
>I don't currently have enough volunteer beta testers to avoid some
>pretty embarrassing
>bugs, especially considering I'm a professional software developer.
>Though on the other hand my understanding is that UMO reviews aren't
>QA.  Rather they
>only cover a few things:
>- make sure that the extension comes up, kind of does something, and
>doesn't immediately crash the browser
>- isn't a key logger etc.
>- doesn't compromise the browser some other way e.g. by downloading
>itself or other
>code from somewhere else
>I'd like to think that after the initial review, using diff tools the
>review itself shouldn't be
>more than 10 or 15 minutes.
>Also I think having a link to the homepage in the extension's menu is 
>enough to
>satisfy the users who want/need more frequent updates.
>I thought I had a conclusion, but I've lost track of it...
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