[Project_owners] Mozilla.org extension approval time

Roman Mironenko roman_mir at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 9 13:43:17 EST 2006

Actually at this point I simplified the script, there is no reason to do a 2 
step install for me at this point, I removed the code that downloads 
extension to the local drive first.  So the user gets an install dialog, 
which clearly displays the site, from where the download is starting.  In 
the extension's settings dialog, I added a checkbox, labeled this way: run 
upgrades from mozdev.org   This is the way I am going to submit the update.

Oh, and by the way, the extension update I am talking about is from 1.0.0 to 
1.4.8, so it's not a update as you were implying.


>Roman Mironenko wrote:
>>I put together a script that figures out my extension version, checks the 
>>update.rdf file at mozdev.org, compares the versions, downloads the new 
>>XPI if there is one and asks the user if he wants to install the new 
>>extension from his own temporary directory on his machine (so it starts 
>>the download manager with the extension's url originating from the local 
>>This means that I can force the user to upgrade from the site I want 
>>instead of the mozilla.org site.
>>Now I am thinking about sending this new upgrade to be approved at 
>>mozilla.org, this way I can get upgrades to the users faster.
>>Any thoughts on this?
>This actually scares the hell out of me.
>There is a good reason why we limit extensions to update from https://umo, 
>and that you hack side paths to that code is something that I would 
>consider a reason to pull the extension from umo.
>Please get that algorithm whitecarded by beltzner, who's heading umo these 
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