[Project_owners] Mozilla.org extension approval time

GuruJ GuruJ at mbox.com.au
Mon Jan 9 21:41:49 EST 2006

Axel Hecht wrote:
> I'm not convinced that asking other volunteers to review an 
> extension, expecting another version to come in in a week or two is the 
> appropriate way of dealing with those ressources. If I was watching 
> this, I'd be burnt out heavily within a few days and wouldn't bother 
> looking at anything new unless I'd be really bored.

I figure there's one easy way to handle this.

Next to the "Install Now" dialog box, add another box called "Beta 
(Testing) Releases" or something similar.

When registering an extension, authors register two links: the link back 
to the "install" page on mozdev.org or wherever, and an (optional) RDF 
feed on the dev site which identifies the current development version 

This box **shouldn't** install the XPI using a one-click process.  By 
adding the second click, users should twig that they aren't on u.m.o any 
more and hopefully will think about whether they want to install a 
bleeding-edge release.

This has the added benefit that extension authors would only submit 
updates to the official u.m.o XPI for major, stable releases, rather 
than for updates.

-- GuruJ.

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