[Project_owners] Re: Components.classes['myContractID'] has no properties in 1.5

Reshat Sabiq sabiq at csociety.org
Mon Jan 2 17:24:16 EST 2006

Reshat Sabiq wrote:

> Updated my extension to build w/ 1.5, but getting this error now.
> I read something about xulrunner version having to be compatible w/ 
> gecko-sdk version. I used gecko-sdk 1.7.7 for Firefox 1.5.
> I've also seen a few other posts of similar problems, w/ no solutions 
> provided. Any tips would be welcome.
> All i know is that the component obviously didn't get registered, even 
> though the install appears to have succeeded. xpcshell confirms that, 
> although given several firefox versions installed, i'm not sure which 
> folder it refers to.
> Thanks.

I hope this helps someone:
the problem was using an older SDK: 1.7.12. Once i used 1.8 (had to 
build myself), all was well.
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