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Eric H. Jung grimholtz at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 26 09:49:25 EST 2006

Hi Neil,

Comments below.

--- Neil Deakin <enndeakin at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Eric H. Jung wrote:
> > I do have the node in a sequence. Is that what you mean by placeholder?
> >
> >   
> I'm not clear what it is you are trying to display. Are you trying to 
> display the first item in the sequence, or just an item with a 
> particular known name?

I am trying to display an item with a particular known name in a sequence. I don't know the
sequence name, but can probably determine that through the DOM API or other means.

> Your example seems to want to use "rdf:#$imX6r" but that is the way that 
> Mozilla identifies anonymous resources, so you can't be using it since 
> it will be different every time. So you must be using some algorithm to 
> determine this resource, and I'm not sure what.

Right. The name does varies. I hardcoded "rdf:#$imX6r" just to see how the tree would look. In
reality, I'll be using the DOM to set that attribute at runtime (or use a more advanced template
as Phil and Nickolay suggested).

The algorithm I use to determine which resource name to use is probably not relevant, but if you
care: all the resource names are cached in an associative array at startup. One of the array
properties is a URL (which is also specified in the RDF). When a user navigates to a URL which
matches one in the associative array, I want to display the <tree/> xul showing him the match and
all its properties.

> / Neil
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