[Project_owners] Displaying a textbox on top of a tree

Wladimir Palant trev at gtchat.de
Fri Feb 10 23:13:07 EST 2006

I'm trying to do a really simple thing - to display a textbox on top of 
a tree. The usual answer to this is a stack, like this:

<tree height="200">
<treecols><treecol label="test"/></treecols>
<treeitem><treerow><treecell label="asdf"/></treerow></treeitem>
<textbox top="15" height="20" value="fdsa"/>

Now if I look at this - it seems that the textbox is displayed above the 
tree, but the text from the treecell element is actually above the 
textbox. This doesn't happen with the tree header, neither does it 
happen if I replace the tree by a description element. Rather strange 
rendering here (I think I've seen a bug report on this a while ago).

Ok, I could simply remove the text under the textbox while it is there. 
But maybe there is a better solution?


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