[Project_owners] Easiest way to save/restore <tree/> state?

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Thu Feb 9 00:19:21 EST 2006

HJ wrote:

> Eric H. Jung wrote:
>> I have a number of template-driven, RDF-based <tree/> elements. They 
>> do not specify 'dont-build-content'.
> the trees I use keep track of this without a single additional line of 
> code

Only chrome RDF trees with flags="dont-build-content" may use a state 
datasource. For static content trees you can of course use 
persist="open" but that fails for template-driven content trees. But 
perhaps you can use the builder observer to write suitable assertions to 
localstore and composite it with your regular datasource so that the 
assertions show up as open attributes.

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