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raj p r gooddevil at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 15:28:32 EST 2006


1) I want to do some processing before window.load is called. how do i
achieve this?

2) the project im working on is my extension "adaptive homepage" . I have
recieved many requests to make it work with bookmarks but somehow it doesnt.
i have tried all the possible events(blur, input,domattrmodified,change,

the way the extension works is this way for people to get a better idea of
what is happening:
i have added an addeventlistener to the urlbar for the onchange event.
so each time the user enters a text either from the drop down list of the
urlbar or by entering the url himself it gets registered in the preferences
which i have added for this.

each time brower loads up the values in this preference is read and a simple
calculation calculates the most appropriate page for this time. and this
value is loaded into the browser.homepage preference. but i think before
this value is changed by my calculations the value which was there
previously is loaded into the urlbar.

so i need to do some changes so that this calculation happens before the
value is read from the preference itself (which im assuming to be before
window.load for which im attaching this another prestartup calculation so
far)!  what can be the possible solutions for this problem!

im hoping for the developer community to help me out in this matter with
your suggestions .
thank you.

Ganaraj P R
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