[Project_owners] Looking for intern

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Mon Feb 6 21:56:14 EST 2006

I'm looking for a (one) intern for this summer.  This person will be 
working on all sorts of Mozilla code, specifically Mozilla Firefox.

I will pay for your transportation and you can stay at my place in 
Laguna Beach in your own room with a nice bathroom.  Food and all drinks 
but alcohol are free for you, but you can also visit me on the isle of 
Ibiza this summer, and again, I will pay for your transportation and stay.

Laguna Beach offers an AC, large pool, a very fast Internet connection, 
Tivo, phone and a beautiful view on the beach.

Ibiza is a totally different place, one that I visited for the first 
time back in 1979 (yeah I'm that old already), is hot, the sea 
temperature in nice (but you got to watch out for the jellyfish) and I 
don't have TV because I'm always visiting cool places.

I plan to pay $500 for four weeks, but this depends on the work done.

Any takers?

FYI: all source code developed is mine (part of NDA) and you have to 
sign a non-disclosure agreement about keeping my personal privacy up to 
the highest levels.


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