[Project_owners] Static memory posibilities revisited...

yaa at euronet yaa at euronet.nl
Tue Feb 7 03:02:50 EST 2006

Hi All,

I guess caching the browser has no use, it does not work for my situation, I 
just tried implementing.

The browser window contains a user chrome xul from my .jar
Inside there I use an Iframe object to load a "normal" webpage served by the 
sitebar server.
When this iframe is persisted in the declaritive XUL it forces a reload to the 
last used src attribute. Also I can actively set that attribute to force a 
reload from the .js
However I cannot find any caching mechanism onto the Iframe.

Must I use XBEL to adapt the iframe so that it caches somewhere? (the RDF 
solution handed to me in the other thread maybe).

I ask this while I am searching for a solution myself, a collective knows more 
than 1 person.

/ / \

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