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Philip Chee philip at aleytys.pc.my
Sun Feb 5 12:29:02 EST 2006

On Sun, 5 Feb 2006 00:59:16 +0100, yaa at euronet wrote:

> Is it posible to store a considerable amount of data in a preference on the 
> client's browser? Is there a maximum string size?
> I want to know if I do that, will this punish it the user in speed or not.
> And if it goes against etiquette.

> Let me explain, I am the developer of Sitebar Client.
> The developer of the Sitebar Server asked me if I can somehow keep the sidebar 
> from reloading while keeping the content it had before closing.
> I don't want to mess with the default working of firefox it's reloading every 
> time the sidebar is opened, if I can help it.

> So my plan was to cache the page in a string, not uncommon in the server land 
> of webprogramming, and put it back just after reloading of the sidebar.
> Unless somebody on this list know an alternative way to deal with this, in 
> that case I am all ears(eyes).

You can create an in-memory RDF datasource. This will automatically be
cached by the RDF cache. This should persist across the sidebar open/close
cycles. You can also store the RDF datasource as a file in the user's
profile directory making the data persistent across browser startup/ shutdowns.

PasswordMaker makes extensive use of RDF, perhaps you could ask Eric how he
does stuff like this?

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