[Project_owners] Static memory posibilities...

yaa at euronet yaa at euronet.nl
Sun Feb 5 00:59:16 EST 2006

Hi all,

Is it posible to store a considerable amount of data in a preference on the 
client's browser? Is there a maximum string size?
I want to know if I do that, will this punish it the user in speed or not.
And if it goes against etiquette.

Let me explain, I am the developer of Sitebar Client.
The developer of the Sitebar Server asked me if I can somehow keep the sidebar 
from reloading while keeping the content it had before closing.
I don't want to mess with the default working of firefox it's reloading every 
time the sidebar is opened, if I can help it.

So my plan was to cache the page in a string, not uncommon in the server land 
of webprogramming, and put it back just after reloading of the sidebar.
Unless somebody on this list know an alternative way to deal with this, in 
that case I am all ears(eyes).


/ / \

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