[Project_owners] disabling tree rows

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Thu Feb 2 09:44:43 EST 2006

Eric H. Jung wrote:
> I kind of agree with Adam, hence my attempt at redesigning the UI with
> two trees (which might be a poor choice). You wrote about confused
> users before. Don't forget that new UI experiences for a user can also
> be confusing. When was the last time you saw a tree with disabled
> items? I can't ever recall seeing that. 

Disabling tree items might not be such good idea after all.  It might 
confused people even more.  Back to the drawing board.

Note: all I really wanted was to get rid of the flashing tree items, and 
I'm sure that I can fix that without introducing a new UI for it.

Thank you Eric and Adam for your input!

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