[Project_owners] disabling tree rows

HJ bugs4hj at netscape.net
Thu Feb 2 06:59:05 EST 2006

Eric H. Jung wrote:
> Why not hide the unrelated windows--what is wrong with that?

Well, there are two reasons. The first one is that people get confused 
when we hide windows, and the second is that the selected tree row jumps 
up/down (depending on the z index) when other window are opened/closed.

> If you must show them and can't disable them, how about breaking the UI
> into two trees, one for "related windows" and another for "unrelated
> windows"? You can disable the entire "unrelated windows" tree.

I think that this approach will also confuse people.  There simply has 
to be a better/working way to get my idea going.


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