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1. Determine the XML "destination" document; that is, the XML of the resulting transformation.
2. Write an XSL template that transforms RDF to the XML defined in step 1. If you don't know XSL, there are automated, visual mapping tools like the one that comes with StylusStudio, but you're better off learning XSL in the long-term.
3. The actual JS code to apply the XSL transform to an XML document is quite simple. There used to be an article on it at kb.mozillazine.org that I wrote, but it appears to be missing. http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Using_the_Mozilla_JavaScript_interface_to_XSL_Transformations has similar information.

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Samuel Saint-Pettersen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> How can I go about converting an XML document into an RDF document using 
> XSLT? I need a conversion which outputs another file with an *.rdf file 
> extension. The closest I could find was for transforming XML to XHTML:
> http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.asp?p=21844&rl=1

I'm not sure there's a single way to do this - it depends on what your 
original XML vocabulary is and what you want to assert in RDF.

But a quick Google search found this, does it help?

"Converting XML to RDF"


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