[Project_owners] Custom view trees with checkboxes - how?

massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Tue Dec 19 07:00:29 PST 2006

David Murray wrote:

>I'm trying to implement a custom tree view in Fx2 that has checkboxes on 
>the first column. I've been following the very sparse instructions on 
>MDC, and searched other extensions for an example of this working, but 
>I'm getting nowhere. The column always appears empty, no matter what I 
>do. The tree looks like this:
><tree id="groupsftree" flex="1" seltype="single" hidecolumnpicker="true" 
>observes="maindisabler" editable="true">
><treecol id="friendcheck" style="width: 20px;" type="checkbox" 
>editable="true" hideheader="true" />
><treecol id="groupsflist" flex="1" hideheader="true"/>
Is it possible that you need to add a <treecell editable="true"/> to the 
'friendcheck' <treecol>?


>I've got this in CSS:
>treechildren::-moz-tree-checkbox(checked) {
>   /* checked checkbox treecells*/
>   list-style-image: url("chrome://global/skin/checkbox/cbox-check.gif");
> From this point on, I have tried absolutely everything I can think of 
>to get checkboxes to even display, and nothing seems to work. I would 
>think making getCellValue return true no matter what would cause 
>everything to be checked by default, but I just get a blank column still.
>Does anyone know where I'm going wrong? I could just use a listbox with 
>checkbox listitems, and it'd work easily, but this tree has the 
>potential to get several thousand rows long.
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