[Project_owners] Bonsai on mozdev.org ...

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 2 18:04:06 PST 2006

> Also, I'd really like to get a full-fledged bonsai sometime; a time 
> period of precisely 24 hours is too inflexible, and I'd like to be
> to generate a changelog from the beginning of time.  I'm burning up
> the repository with Verbosio changes right now...

The only current bonsai related bug is bug 8562 about CSS styles.  It
looks like we don't have one for installing a full bonsai instance, so
feel free to open one.

We might also want to consider looking at a similar tool called
fisheye.  It's not open source, but is free for open source sites. 
Take a look at the fisheye site at


And put any comments about fisheye at this bug


I know we haven't been responsive about many of these bugs, but we are
in the process of gearing up to get many of these taken care of.  We'll
have more news about this soon.


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