[Project_owners] mozdev appears in Austrian newspaper

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Sat Dec 2 14:41:21 PST 2006

David Boswell wrote:

>The article talks about how our system administrators, the Vienna-based company strg.at, handled the spike in traffic from the Firefox 2.0 launch. For those who don't read German, Babelfish translates the first paragraph as: 'With tension release of the Firefox 2,0 was internationally expected - in Vienna a small company had a temperature to the attack on the servers of the Mozdev Community Organization.'
A slightly better translation by someone on IRC:

Mozilla: Vienna Department

With tension the release of Firefox 2.0 was expected internationally - 
in Vienna a small company was eagerly awaiting the rush on the servers 
of the Mozdev Community Organization.

After the release of Firefox 2.0 the downloads boomed within the first 
24 hours - uncountable Addons and Plugins for the new browsers got 
downloaded and installed round the globe.

Viennese Connection

One looked curiously at the server load of the Mozilla extension 
platform mozdev.org in a little office in the sixth Viennese district at 
this time.

Already months before the preparations for this event began. The 
US-based Non Profit Organisation organized new hardware and engaged 
strg. at in April this year with the maintenance of all server services.


The system was built up with the operating system FreeBSD and put into 
operation in the network of the Open Source Lab at Oregon State 
University in which also the Apache software Foundation or kernel.org 
are resident. All services were already moved to the new infrastructure 
in the course of summer and early fall.


When it all began, the load actually rapidly rose to over 180 access per 
second. The upgraded instances of Firefox had started to suggest updates 
for the installed extensions and the users fetched the new extensions.

No Problems

The Apache web server, that was prepared for the rush processed the 
requests smoothly without a proxy server and one could hear a relieved 
sigh from the sixth district in this evening. Contrary to the release of 
Firefox 1.5 in November last year, the servers of mozdev.org didn't 
break down. One may be curious about the next release of Firefox and 

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