[Project_owners] Extensions for SuiteRunner?

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at KaiRo.at
Fri Aug 25 16:34:29 EDT 2006

Philip Chee schrieb:
> Hi Guys!
> I've just downloaded the current tinderbox build of SuiteRunner and my
> xSidebar extension installs out of the box without any changes. Now that
> SuiteRunner has the toolkit Extension/Addon's manager all you Firefox
> and Thunderbird extension writers should start thinking of porting your
> extensions to SeaMonkey/XULRunner.

As much as I love bringing suiterunner forward, I think it probably 
would be better for most people to wait until official trunk is switched 
over to it and real nightlies instead of experimental tinderbox builds 
are created from it. That code is still not very usable and is expected 
to break in strange way, additionally the migration to toolkit isn't yet 
complete, and some important pieces of UI (e.g. tabbrowser) are not yet 
what we want to have in any offical even nightly builds - so if people 
migrate their extensions to integrate with e.g. the Firefox tabbrowser 
widget we have in there, they'll probably break when we turn back to our 
own tabbrowser again. Don't take anything you see in there for granted 
yet, there's a reason why this is no default configuration yet...

That said, of course the configuration currently internally codenamed 
"suiterunner" (a.k.a. "toolkit-based SeaMonkey", it's NO real XULRunner 
app yet) is what will build the future of the suite. And yes, it still 
has many rough edges, and we would be glad about any help we can get in 
making it actually work...

Robert Kaiser

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