[Project_owners] Re: SeaMonkey v1.5 and extension compatibility

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 9 08:49:28 EDT 2006

Philip Chee wrote:
> On Tue, 08 Aug 2006 21:36:02 +0200, Michael Vincent van Rantwijk wrote:
>> Am I the only one experiencing compatibility problems with SeaMonkey 
>> v1.5 nightlies or are there more people having troubles getting their 
>> extensions running?
> I have xSidebar running fine on Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1;
> en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060805. I also have a tonne of extensions
> loaded into my default profile running on trunk. The only significant JS
> errors I see (and there are a lot of them) come from Multizilla. The
> worst offender is the Multizilla JS console itself.
> Error: viewSourceIn is not defined
> Source file: chrome://multiviews/content/js-console/consoleBindings.xml
> Line: 591

This is in fact a long working JS function in js-console.js but all JS 
seems unreachable somehow in Mozilla 1.5 so this should work, as if the 
JS file isn't included?!?

> (I had to use Console2 to copy the above error because CTRL-C wasn't
> working in the MZ error console.)
> Changes in the mailnews component seem to have broken Mnenhy's handling
> of message headers.
>> I mean, MultiZilla works with SeaMonkey v1.0.x but now a lot of "blabla 
>> is undefined" errors show up in my JS Console, which to me is crap 
>> because these functions and vars are there, or it won't ever work with 
>> SeaMonkey v1.0.4  so what has changed in SeaMonkey v1.5 or should I 
>> change to get it going again??
> The DOM agnostic branch has landed plus there are changes in javascript
> 1.7 which I think has also landed. The toolbars are now using the
> toolkit toolbar.xml, which broke the UI in Console2 but that was fixed
> quickly by Zeniko. There have been significant changes to the
> tabbrowser.xml which haven't been reflected in multizilla's XBL
> bindings. New/open tab handling is broken due to this.

Thanks Phil, I will check the toolbar.xml because I think that is 
important to us, but I already used JS 1.7 (mostly array stuff) and that 
seems to work, but..

> The HTML Tidy init script stopped working and I started getting
> "oTidyBrowser is not defined" errors. I had to move onLoadTidyBrowser();
> into an onload event handler.
> window.addEventListener("load", onLoadTidyBrowser, true);

that doesn't work in js-console.js nor does

<window id="jsconsoleWindow"

in js-console.xul work.  It is as if the file isn't there, but it is 
included like this:

<script type="application/x-javascript" 

and that had been there's for I don't know how long, so there must me 
something wrong somehow.


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