[Project_owners] XMLHttpRequest - how can one bypass cache?

Myk Melez myk at melez.com
Mon Aug 7 16:20:18 EDT 2006

Andrey Gromyko wrote:
> There is at least one news-feed I know which has 100+ new entries a day and Firefox (which, I assume, "respects the cache") doesn't fetch an updated xml without unless I press Shift+Reload. What would you say about that? (rhetorical question...)
It's possible that the site isn't configured correctly, but sites might 
intentionally set long cache timeouts for frequently updated sites to 
reduce the load on their servers.  Even if a feed gets updated every 
minute (or multiple times a minute, as with some del.icio.us feeds), 
that doesn't mean the site wants every user checking for updates that 

As a matter of fact, Slashdot used to ban IPs for reloading their feeds 
too quickly (perhaps they still do; haven't checked lately).  That 
shouldn't be necessary, as feed readers should respect the cache and 
other mechanisms sites correctly use to manage their traffic, even if 
some sites use them incorrectly.


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