[Project_owners] Re: SmartSync Project and Mozdev Terms of Use

Filippo Possenti filippo.possenti at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 21:42:47 EDT 2006

Matt Seitz wrote:

> What do you think of the GPL?  While it would allow commercial use
> without your permission, it would require them to hand over their
> source code.  That's usually enough to stop companies from taking
> undue advantage of your work.

I'll consider it.
I'll read carefully the GPL license and any other OSI-approved license
as soon as I'll have the time.

For now, I made my project subject to the MPL.

> That's a laudable goal.  I'm not aware of a current license that calls
> for this, but you could add this requirement to an existing license.
> However, I think you would need to be sure that the only requirement
> is that notice be sent to a certain address, either physical or
> e'mail.  If you require that you approve of the new project, that
> would be contrary to a basic principle of open source:  derived works
> do not require the explicit permission of the original author, just
> conformance with a predefined set of terms.

I'll never thought to force people requiring my approval... nor I think
it would be a good strategy, since this first release of the extension
required only a few hours to be developed (6 months working 1
hour/week... this means something like 30 hours of working time). This
small amount of time, for sure, will not stop people from creating a
similar project from scratch if needed.

An email notice is enough. I'll look for the possibility to add this
requirement to an existing OSI-approved license.

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