[Project_owners] Re: SmartSync Project and Mozdev Terms of Use

Matt Seitz mseitz at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 30 12:13:11 EDT 2006

Eric H. Jung wrote:
> I just need the time to accomodate such feature requests, but in the
> meantime I'm concerned my novel ideas will be "borrowed" by other
> extension authors with similar extensions.

Isn't the whole idea of "open source" to allow "novel ideas" to be 
"borrowed", so long as the borrower acknowledges the source and returns 
the favor?  It sounds like you are looking for a "freely distributable" 
license instead of an "open source" license.  That is a perfectly valid 
choice, but it apparently clashes with current MozDev policy.

Which then leads to the next question:  does MozDev want to limit itself 
to "open source" projects, or include all "freely distributable" 
software?  If there are concerns about code safety, perhaps MozDev could 
require that source code also be distributed, but not require automatic 
permission for derived works?

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