[Project_owners] l10n cvs tags?

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Thu Apr 27 23:18:37 EDT 2006

David Boswell wrote:
>> I rant because I happen to be the only one I know who actually does
>> pick some of this feedback up and reports it at staff meeting (or 
>> monday meetings now) every now and then. Which is totally bogus.
> If the Mozilla Foundation is interested in developing the platform and
> supporting extension and application developers, then I don't think it
> is unreasonable to expect them to take some notice of what is going on
> at mozdev.
> For good or bad, mozdev has developed as a separate community and this
> is where discussions happen about extension and application
> development.  
> It would be great to be able to coordinate more where there is overlap
> between mozdev and mozilla.org, but we should be able to come up with a
> better way to do that than to make everyone here pick up and do all of
> their discussions some place else.
> David

Again, a discussion that is rather fruitless to have here. Shaver may be 
interested though.


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