[Project_owners] How to create RDF datasource andimportbookmarks.html ?

stiffux stiffux stiffux at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 23 13:01:57 EDT 2006

>Someone should poke brett to remove that. It's dead.
>Folks assumed that they had to keep an nsIRDFDataSource hook up to use xul 
>templates for UI generation, but it seems like they're happier with using 
>directly js to generate the content off of their dedicated APIs.

In my opinion, RDFDatasource for UI generation with XUL templates is very 
useful and fast. But manipulation of datasource is not the easiest !!

For example with Bookmarks/Places, if it will be possible to work directly 
with SQL queries on database to update/modify Bookmarks' content and use RDF 
datasource to generate UI. It would be the merge of best of each side (in my 
opinion ;-)


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