[Project_owners] How to create RDF datasource and importbookmarks.html ?

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Sat Apr 22 12:12:45 EDT 2006

Someone should poke brett to remove that. It's dead.

Folks assumed that they had to keep an nsIRDFDataSource hook up to use 
xul templates for UI generation, but it seems like they're happier with 
using directly js to generate the content off of their dedicated APIs.


stiffux stiffux wrote:
> Thank you for your honest response.
> It was my conclusion after a lot of investigations: RDF has no 
> documentation for bookmarks manipulation. And it is very difficult to 
> work with it !!
> I hope that RDF datasource will be replace by the Mozilla's SQLite 
> implementation and it will be possible to do query directly on 
> database's tables which store bookmarks/history information.
> When we could execute any sql query it would be nice !!
> But it seems that RDF interface will stay ...  see Querying History 
> chapter:
> http://wiki.mozilla.org/Places:Design_Overview
> Stéphane.
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>> Subject: Re: [Project_owners] How to create RDF datasource and 
>> importbookmarks.html ?
>> Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 23:37:54 +0200
>> stiffux stiffux wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> I would like to know if someone have an example to create an RDF 
>>> resource and import bookmarks.html file ?
>>> I read different documentations and howto on RDF manipulation but 
>>> none work when i try to import bookmark with 
>>> "http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#command?cmd=import".
>>> I didn't find a solution even with firefox source code !! I didn't 
>>> succeed to create RDF datasource where I can import bookmark file.
>>> It seems more complex that I believe.
>>> Thank for those who can help me.
>> On top of that, RDF is going to be dropped from places (ex-bookmarks).
>> Note, RDF commands are the most unspecified and whatever crap we have 
>> in the whole mozilla codebase. At least I don't recall anything worse, 
>> and I have quite a bit.
>> For now, if you have to, try your luck with asserting into the 
>> bookmarks datasource, but none of that is documented, or guaranteed to 
>> stay. Rather, any of that is pretty guaranteed to not stay.
>> Axel
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