[Project_owners] Website Problems; Extension Update

Shane Froebel shane.froebel at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 01:00:40 EDT 2006

Hey all. I been working on the Wikipedia toolbar website (along with
the extension itself) and I come to a problem in which I seek you

Two pages are in question:




I have set the "footer" code in footer.html, and sent the local.conf
file, I think correctly, and yet it does not format. Anyway that about

Any help with the graphics for the general look of the site would be
helpful. I am trying to make it look like Wikipedia it self. More
color will be added once I create screenshots of the toolbar itself
and add demo (flash demo) and link icons to the pages. :)

You can also try out the new extension version. it's downloadable in
the April Mailing Archives. right now it's at Alpha v0.8.0 and not
downloadable via the web.

-- shane

what's up doc?

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