[Project_owners] [Project Owners] Window close button on Mac OS X

Adam Judson adamsplugins at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 16:13:01 EDT 2006

So I just got an bug report from a Mac User.  Seems like the close
button on my extension is disabled.  (photomap.mozdev.org).

I'm displaying the window with:

"_blank", "chrome,extrachrome,menubar,resizable,scrollbars,status,toolbar");

and in windows I still get the "X" in the upper right corner, though
no system menu.  Any quick fixes?

I'm using openDialog so I can pass an extra parameter (when I launch
from my protocol handler) but I wouldn't mind getting the system menu

Another interesting side effect is that my options dialog, when
launched from this window, has not buttons on it at all...


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