[Project_owners] Code review for ZombieKeys (entering international characters)

Kai Bolay kai-mozdev at bolay.de
Tue Apr 11 20:51:21 EDT 2006


I've just released my first extension "ZombieKeys" (See:

This extension allows entering European languages (which include
diacritics (accented characters, diaeresis, umlauts, etc.), ligatures,
the Euro sign, etc.) into Mozilla applications using Microsoft's
Keyboard shortcuts for international characters (see
It addresses Mozilla Bug #270439
(https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=270439 - WinWord/TextPad
dead keys are not supported).

I'm seeking people for a code review. Specific areas I'd like to have
comments on:

- chrome.manifest - am I overlaying the correct chrome? Did I miss
   something? Do I need to overlay more? Current problems: I can't enter
   "special" characters into the Firefox search box (or location box),
   the "Subject" in Thunderbird's "Compose Message" also seems to be
- overlay.js - fakeKey() - Is this code correct?
- overall comments on the code and suggestions for improvement


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