[Project_owners] Re: XPATH: Evaluating the window.content

Renato R. (RRaver) rraver.sp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 01:41:42 EDT 2006

OK, thanks for the tip... just corrected :-)

Renato Rodrigues (RRaver)

Neil escreveu:
> Renato R. (RRaver) wrote:
>> I did it, but i figured that document.evaluate and 
>> window.content.document.evaluate worked in the same way for me...
>> As document.evaluate is the shortest I decided to use it... however 
>> if there is a difference between the two I really don't know....
> It might stop working in future versions e.g. Firefox 3, when more 
> checks might be made that you're evaluating on the correct document.
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