[Project_owners] Re: What is wrong with addons.mozilla.org??

Adam Judson adamsplugins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 10:48:01 EDT 2006

This is probably the best place to complain:


It seems like the comments will revert to sort by date soon.


On 07/04/06, Gerald Vogt <vogt at spamcop.net> wrote:
> stiffux stiffux wrote:
> > - comments are ordered by 'Most useful' but it is needed to also add a
> > reverse order on the date !! Because by default, the order give oldest
> > before newest when comments have same vote.
> This "useful" feedback is new? I just checked the top download of amo,
> FlashGot, is has *one* comment which has "useful" feedback. None of the
> others seem to have it.
> If they have just added this useful stuff, that it is just ridiculous to
> use this information right now for default ordering the comments. You
> can do this after a year or so when you have some useful data for the
> "useful" feedback. But at this time it should not be used in the
> standard view.
> > Remark to extension developpers: we need to vote for most useful
> > comments to see them on the top of the list else all comments have 0 / 0
> > and the sql request cann't give good result.
> And this is just another good reason why you should not do it. You are
> calling for "fake" feedback to get up some comments that you like to see
> on top... This makes it even more ridiculous. Added a feature and than
> telling people to fake vote...
> > Thank for this new version it still some "bugs" to solve but there is
> > good improvements.
> I guess this new useful-feedback feature is a major bug at the moment.
> Gerald
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