[Project_owners] Re: What is wrong with addons.mozilla.org??

Gerald Vogt vogt at spamcop.net
Fri Apr 7 20:33:33 EDT 2006

stiffux stiffux wrote:
> - comments are ordered by 'Most useful' but it is needed to also add a 
> reverse order on the date !! Because by default, the order give oldest 
> before newest when comments have same vote.

This "useful" feedback is new? I just checked the top download of amo, 
FlashGot, is has *one* comment which has "useful" feedback. None of the 
others seem to have it.

If they have just added this useful stuff, that it is just ridiculous to 
use this information right now for default ordering the comments. You 
can do this after a year or so when you have some useful data for the 
"useful" feedback. But at this time it should not be used in the 
standard view.

> Remark to extension developpers: we need to vote for most useful 
> comments to see them on the top of the list else all comments have 0 / 0 
> and the sql request cann't give good result.

And this is just another good reason why you should not do it. You are 
calling for "fake" feedback to get up some comments that you like to see 
on top... This makes it even more ridiculous. Added a feature and than 
telling people to fake vote...

> Thank for this new version it still some "bugs" to solve but there is 
> good improvements.

I guess this new useful-feedback feature is a major bug at the moment.


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