[Project_owners] Re: What is wrong with addons.mozilla.org??

stiffux stiffux stiffux at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 08:51:32 EDT 2006

>Ironically comments seem to be effectively broken by the new update.
>- out of order  (I'm getting comments from 4 releases ago appearing first)
>- inline developer (no ranking) comments have disappeared

Hello All,

I have some remarks on the new version:

- comments are ordered by 'Most useful' but it is needed to also add a 
reverse order on the date !! Because by default, the order give oldest 
before newest when comments have same vote.

- Users need to have an account to post comments !!! I think it is a bug.

Remark to extension developpers: we need to vote for most useful comments to 
see them on the top of the list else all comments have 0 / 0 and the sql 
request cann't give good result.

Thank for this new version it still some "bugs" to solve but there is good 

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