[Project_owners] Re: What is wrong with addons.mozilla.org??

HJ bugs4hj at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 00:03:55 EDT 2006

Gerald Vogt wrote:
> I have just checked my extension:
> https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/145/
> What has happened there? "Moji is not available for Windows"? We did not 
> change anything for a couple of weeks now. When we submitted and got 
> accepted it worked perfectly. In the configuration for the most current 
> version I have configured ALL OS. Don't know why this does not include 
> Windows. It seems as if all extensions are effected.
> Moreover, the comments are sorted in the weirdest way. Instead of having 
> the newest coming up, some old obsolete from over a year appear that do 
> not give a good impression based on an outdated version. Not speaking of 
> the absolutely ugly way to display the rating...
> Gerald

Not exactly a direct answer to your questions, but mozdev.org *is* and 
*stays* my host i.e. we don't really need amo :-)


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