[Project_owners] What is wrong with addons.mozilla.org??

Gerald Vogt vogt at spamcop.net
Wed Apr 5 15:59:48 EDT 2006

I have just checked my extension:


What has happened there? "Moji is not available for Windows"? We did not 
change anything for a couple of weeks now. When we submitted and got 
accepted it worked perfectly. In the configuration for the most current 
version I have configured ALL OS. Don't know why this does not include 
Windows. It seems as if all extensions are effected.

Moreover, the comments are sorted in the weirdest way. Instead of having 
the newest coming up, some old obsolete from over a year appear that do 
not give a good impression based on an outdated version. Not speaking of 
the absolutely ugly way to display the rating...


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