[Project_owners] openDialog close=no doesn't work

Jean-Denis Girard jd.girard at sysnux.pf
Thu Sep 29 08:16:09 EDT 2005

Philip Chee a écrit :
> On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 10:31:18 +0100, Neil wrote:
>>Jean-Denis Girard wrote:
>>>I'd like to make a window without the closing widget (X). I've tried 
>>>to use the 'close' parameter but it doesn't work (at least on 
>>>Linux/KDE, haven't tested on Windows)
>>Well, it's not been implemented on Windows.
> Can this element be hidden or collapsed using css? Or is this an OS native
> widget?

I'm referring to the OS native widget in the window decoration (usually 
a cross in the upper right corner).


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