[Project_owners] Mail problems

Michael Vincent mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 16:58:30 EDT 2005

David Boswell wrote:
> Over the weekend we noticed that someone had broken into the mozdev
> server and was sending a large volume of spam from the box.  To clean
> up this problem we shut down mail and some other services temporarily,
> but things should be back to normal now.  If anyone is noticing
> anything strange with their project or the site, please let us know and
> we'll look into it.
> David


are you absolutely sure that the files are not compromised? I'm asking 
this because people can no longer download any of the MultiZilla XPI's, 
because that results into a zero file length.

I myself verified bug: http://bugzilla.mozdev.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11593
  so something is obviously going on or has recently been changed, no?

Also, I can't check the XPI files myself (at least I don't know how) so 
that is in fact a bit scary now. Is it possible to check the files 
somehow? The main problem is that the XPI's don't show up in CVS so now 


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