[Project_owners] Skinning a toolbar button causes problems with Netscape8

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 14:25:41 EDT 2005


Due to popular demand I've put a toolbar button in to Flashblock. Now this
is working fine in Firefox 1.0.6, DeerPark Alpha2, Firefox trunk, Mozilla
1.7.11 and SeaMonkey Nightlies. However when installed in Netscape8, it goes
pear shaped. What happens is that Netscape displays a large XUL box across
the bottom of the window containing only a caret and flashblock is not
functional at all. Normally this implies a malformed XUL file and the
offending line would be shown. In this case only the caret was visible.

The current release without the toolbar button has no problems with Netscape, so it was something in the toolbar code I thought. I isolated the
problem to this line near the beginning in flashblock.xul:

<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://flashblock/skin/flashblock.css"

Problem with the css file? But the problem persisted even though I reduced
the css to a blank file containing only one newline. If I comment out the
stylesheet reference in the XUL file, Flashblock and Netscape work as
normal, except that of course, our toolbar button has no skin and thus no image.

In fact I can reproduce the problem by pointing the stylesheet link to a
nonexistent location/file which implies that I've gotten the URI wrong in
the link.  However this particular URI works fine in both Firefox and Mozilla.

So does anybody out there have any experience with getting their extensions
working with Netscape8?


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