[Project_owners] New experimental nightly of MultiZilla available

HJ bugs4hj at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 12:41:57 EDT 2005

I just did a CVS commit at:
for the new experimental nightly of MultiZilla with:

- info popups (just hover your mouse over the articles in the lower tree 
of feed panel).

- improved progress handler, one that will disable the View/Tab buttons 
when updates are being downloaded, to prevent errors.

- throbber will no longer spin indefinitely and we have better feed back 
when feeds are being refreshed.

- changed regular expression for the ROFL smiley, it should no longer 
display a smiley when it detect (D

Make sure that you copy the attached XPT file into your GRE/components 
directory when it is missing, but not into your SeaMonkey/components 
directory. You also need to delete SeaMonkey/components/compreg.dat so 
that SeaMonkey can re-generate the file, including the new XPT file.

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