[Project_owners] Spam to MozDev mailing lists

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Fri Oct 21 19:05:19 EDT 2005

Todd Ross wrote:
> On 10/20/05, *John T. Haller* <mozdev at johnhaller.com 
> <mailto:mozdev at johnhaller.com>> wrote:
>     I thought I'd setup mailman to ditch spam sent from nonmembers (Admin -
>     Privacy Options - Sender Filters - Generic action: discard... Forward to
>     Mod: no)... but Mailman still holds every one of them and then bugs me
>     continuously to login and deal with them.  Did I miss a setting?
>     If there's no way to fix it, I'll probably just ditch all my mailing
>     lists.
> I had the same problem and tried the same settings; I ended up having my 
> lists deleted.

I've found maybe generic_nonmember_action should be Reject

That would be Privacy -> Sender Filters -> 2nd from bottom

Which gives me:
You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has
been automatically rejected.  If you think that your messages are
being rejected in error, contact the mailing list owner at
quickfile-owner at mozdev.org.


Mainly found out via google and

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