[Project_owners] signed XPI files

Michael Johnston special.michael at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 17:48:00 EDT 2005

> think of it as a step in the direction of making mozdev known for
> providing not only an environment for developers to produce extensions,
> but for users to be able to come for stuff that can be trusted.

certainly is a nice idea, part of the problem is also part of the benefit.
mozdev is not that widely known outside the development end of things.

getting people to trust somethign they dont' know?

but then if mozdev offers the service, then their profile will be
raised and people will become to know and trust them.

the practicality may be a different story. mozdev already provides a
lot for people like me - cvs, mailing lists, web site. would there be
the resource nad time?


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