[Project_owners] Dialog/Window resizing

Paul Tomlin paul at paultomlin.com
Fri Oct 21 13:08:41 EDT 2005

Philip Chee wrote:
> How about:
> ....etc....
>        <xul:resizer class="resizable-dialog-resizer" dir="bottomright"/>
> ....etc....
> CSS:
> .resizable-dialog-resizer
> {
> 	padding: 0 !important;
> 	margin:  0 !important;
> }
> Phil

Alas the padding is set on the dialog by one of the globals, something like

	-moz-padding-start: 8px;
	-moz-padding-end: 10px;

For the moment I've settled for

	margin-right: -10px;
	margin-bottom: -10px;

Effectively it puts the resizer outside of the container, which is why I 
don't like it too much. But it works on both 1.0 and 1.5 so I'll have to 
lump it.

Which only leaves me with a niggling little visual annoyance where the 
buttons are pushed left by the resizer. Ho hum

CSS guru I am not

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