[Project_owners] Dialog/Window resizing

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 17:52:39 EDT 2005

On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 10:25:07 +0200, Paul Tomlin wrote:

> Now that I've got the beta installed, the previous binding was hiding 
> all the buttons on the dialog. Most unfriendly. So I tried this and it 
> works, to a fashion.

> #CSS selector
> dialog.resizable-dialog .dialog-button-box

> #XBL
>    <binding id="resizable-dialog-button-box">
>      <content align="end">
>        <xul:hbox flex="1">
>          <children/>
>        </xul:hbox>
>        <xul:resizer dir="bottomright"
> 	style="margin-right: -10px; margin-bottom: -10px;"/>
>      </content>
>    </binding>

> The style is just there while I play but I can't think of a way around 
> the problem here. The above shows as I'd like, in the theme is installed 
> for TB by default. I have to use neg margins because the #dialog CSS 
> includes 10px padding in the normal theme. To avoid that padding I'd 
> have to restyle the XBL driven internals of the dialog, but I have never 
> been able to get a selector to bite.

How about:
       <xul:resizer class="resizable-dialog-resizer" dir="bottomright"/>


	padding: 0 !important;
	margin:  0 !important;

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