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Brian King brian at mozdev.org
Thu Oct 20 12:12:13 EDT 2005

The problem is not only for addresses of posters and those on cc list, 
at least mailman tries to obscure these (or the setting below).

The main issue I think is when an email address appears in the body of a 
message. This can happen a number of ways (intentionally or 
unintentionally), for example when a message is forwarded.

For what it is worth, I think we should have an all or nothing policy. 
People should be aware that this is a public site with (mostly) public 
lists. Sure, some visitors/posters may not be aware of this, but we can 
take a few steps to make it more obvious.

- Brian

Andrew Archer wrote:
> This option should stop email addresses from new post being made public. 
> By the way the default is no.
> "Hide the sender of a message, replacing it with the list address 
> (Removes From, Sender and Reply-To fields) "
> David Boswell wrote, On 18/10/2005 3:18 AM:
>> Mailman does have the ability to obscure email addresses, although I
>> don't know how well this deters spam harvesters.  I'm not an expert at
>> mailman configuration options, so it is possible that there are
>> solutions available to us.  If anyone knows of a good way to configure
>> your list to deal with this issue, please share with the group.
>> David
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